About Me

I want them to hear you, not me. My voice-over work is all about my clients and the people they are trying to reach.

My goal in voice over is to deliver your message, tell your story, promote your business, and captivate your audience. My voice works for your success and narrates your vision.

My voice speaks from a background in acting, journalism, literature, and humanity. It is trained by the best and remains in training to be ready to heed your call for a VO. Clients describe my sound as articulate, clear, sharp and husky.

My voiceover is uniquely me and I deliver your message in a way that is uniquely you. Your listeners won’t remember the sound of my voice; they will remember your words and carry away with them the meaning of your message whatever that may be.

Please tell me how my voice can help you reach the hearts and minds of your listeners because they’re out there waiting to hear from you.