Radio Jingles

When advertising on the radio, the audience becomes your first concern because there are no visuals. So, you need to make sure that the message is delivered in a way that communicates everything precisely. There are two factors to be considered for this – an attractive script and a persuasive voice.

While you would take care of the content, the Voice of JST would handle the voice over. With perfect tone and modulation, I assure you to deliver the most approachable jingle. It is so that your audience will be able to see you through their ears. My years of expertise have taught me the ideal way to put the voice-over to which the audience can resemble most.

In addition, the proper studio setup allows me to incorporate all the desired effects to make the radio jingle livelier. The ambience will indeed create magic for your audience, providing them with brand understanding and awareness. As radios have a massive reach around the country, the better our jingle, the more will be the impact.

When writing the script for your radio jingle, keep your market perspective in mind. Create something attractive and interactive for your audience, and ensure it is delivered in the best possible way. The Voice of JST also takes the liberty to study your script and make relevant suggestions. Sometimes, voicing over a piece would need some modifications to engage the audience.

Radio Jingle Audio Sample

Moreover, if you are confused regarding the jingle script, you can always come to the Voice of JST, and I can assist you in structuring an effective score. This is solely due to my long background in the field.

I take adequate time in hand to deliver the final product. When you pass the jingle script on to me, I thoroughly study it, rehearse it, provide you with a sample for your acceptance of the tone, and then present the result. There are several checkpoints in the process so that you are constantly updated, finalising every step. This also ensures that there will be fewer revisions, making it time-effective.

I would like to take you on a tour of my voice-overs so that you can get a hint of my baritone voice. My Indian Engling accent, combined with the tonal quality, ensures that the messages are delivered loud and clear to respective age groups. I know every radio jingle calls for a different approach, and that understanding leads me to incorporate separate styles for each piece.

So, if you are thinking of making your radio jingle ready within the upcoming days, get in touch with the Voice of JST now!