Documentary Narrator

Documentaries are one of the most effective ways to bring forth facts in front of your audience blended with creativity. But, for the documentaries to get the right impact, you would need a professional narrator who can convey your messages just the way you want. 

The Voice of JST is that place for you where you can communicate in the intended manner without making much hassle. 

When voicing over a documentary, the first requirement is to understand the script and the feel with which clients want it delivered. The beauty and efficacy of a documentary lie in its actual meaning. With years of expertise in the field of voice-over, I can extract the emotions behind the script easily. This allows me to change and module my tone as required so that the message stays with your audience.

Your documentary will find life with my articulative husky voice, which, in turn, will keep the audience hooked till the show ends.

English Voice Over Video Sample

I personally evaluate every point of your documentary script with the visuals to make sure it makes sense. I prefer discussing the matter with my client so that nothing goes wrong with the end product. So, you are requested to get some time out of your busy schedule for us to sit over a cup of coffee and finalize the project, while sometimes, brainstorming some innovative ideas too.

This is important because there are times I have found out that the visuals and the script are not totally in sync. As the documentary narrator, I think it is my responsibility to ensure relatable visuals. In such scenarios, I would suggest you make the changes, but in the end, it will always be your decision.

In case you only have the script ready and the documentary visuals are not totally edited, I would still provide you with the narration. After the documentary is ready to release, if you need me to redo the voice-over, I can do that too with some minimal fee.

Before delivering the end product, the Voice of JST always prefers to do some samples and run them through my clients. So, after I receive your script, I would rehearse the script and send you 2 or 3 samples narrating a few parts of the script. Once you approve of the same, I would continue with the main voice-over and deliver it to you before the final deadline.

Please understand that documentary voice-overs do take a little more time than normal voice-overs. So, it is recommended that you give me your requirements when there is time, and not at the end hour.

With my proficient Indian English accent, perfect dialects, and modulation, you can be sure that your documentary will stand apart from the crowd, being an influence, and of course, being YOU, the brand!

Get in touch with Voice of JST now to receive the services of a flawless documentary narrator.