English Voice Over

English, being one of the most widely spoken languages around the world, is in high demand, especially when it comes to voice over requirements. Starting from commercials, eLearning content, documentaries, or explainer videos – English is the most common language for all of them. This is a language that allows you to reach audiences globally without much hassle because of its higher level of acceptance.

Voice of JST makes sure all your English voice over requirements are met with the help of a perfect tone and dialect.

I have been successful in perfecting my English voice-over in an Indian accent. Being closely related to the British accent, Indian English is understood clearly worldwide. Moreover, India is the second most populated country, which requires high demand for this accent too. With more and more multinationals being established in the country, English has become a necessity. This is not just for business, but for creative work as well. So, if you are looking for an English voice-over artist with an ideal Indian English accent, you know where to find me – the Voice of JST!

For voice-overs to work, it is important to understand the feel of the produced content; hence, I always read the script beforehand to make sure I get the essence of your intended message. With my articulated expertise, you can be assured of the quality because you can always test my speech or can check my portfolio.

Voice of JST offers you versatility so that you can make use of my services despite the industry you are in. Be it for fictional content, a documentary, a commercial, eLearning content, or any other random videos – I know how to voice them with precision. Starting from tone modulation, proper pronunciation, speech rhythm, and artistic nature, I promise you to deliver everything properly, just as you need.

English Voice Over Video Sample

English Voice Over Audio Sample

Having voice clarity is one of the most important qualities to look for in an English voice-over artist. Being a certified professional, I assure you there will be no complaints in regards to that.

In order to deliver premium services to businesses, Voice of JST understands your objectives beforehand. As every industry is unique in its true sense, they require different tones for the right delivery of the message. I always aim to provide you with supreme voice over services so that your audience can readily relate to your business idea and get converted into prospects.

Another factor that makes Voice of JST one of a kind is that I put efforts into proofreading your content too. In case there are grammatical errors, I fix that on my own. Also, being an industry expert, if I feel like there could be some improvements in the content, I put my suggestions on the table. But the final decision will always be yours.

It is always necessary that you like what you are listening to because nobody knows your audience better than you. This is why all I ask you to do is provide me with a clean script with the required English accent (if any), and I will send you the sample voice extracted from the same content only for better understanding. If you have any special requests to make the right appeal to your audience, I am always open to discussion – it’s that easy and flexible!

Get in touch with Voice of JST now to find the most suitable voice for your English content – be it for your business or for any other video.